Direct access to real world data

Our Mission

Acumen Health Research Institute (AHRI) is a 501c3 non-profit, with a mission to use population-level data to assess the burden of diseases and improve healthcare in the US. AHRI fields a nationally-representative cross-sectional survey of the US adults population monthly. A random stratified sampling framework is used align with the demographic composition of the US Census.

Real World Data

Assess the impacts of general health conditions on resource utilization, productivity, and health-related quality of life.

Information Access

Tap into AHRI’s data bank of patient registries, risk sharing agreements, and government repositories from around the world.


Demonstrate the burden of disease, satisfaction with therapy, and desire for new treatments with AHRI’s team of researchers.

Results that matter - focused on outcomes

AHRI’s process integrates established quality control measures into each phase of data collection. From employing validation of respondents with unique identifiers to targeting fraudulent respondents with survey flags, such evaluations ensure that each study is supported by high-quality, representative data.

How WE can Help

Identification and stratification of populations

Leveraging multiple patient reported characteristics, clinical indicators and modeling algorithms to support predictive analytics and feasibility assessments. We hear directly from patients what they want others with their condition to know and what they want to say to their clinicians.

Contemporary assessment of disease burden

Many publications are out of date and often use very small samples weighted to estimate the burden of a disease. AHRI data is representative and collection is on-going monthly. In addition to resource utilization (i.e., primary care, specialist, urgent care, emergency department and hospitalizations), HRQoL and productivity measures are assessed to put the full impact of any disease or condition in context.

PRO Development and Validation

Large representative sample to assess psychometrics of new and established patient reported outcomes measures as well as establish national norms. Ability to reach out to a target population for qualitative concept elicitation and cognitive debriefing.

“Working with the AHRI team has been an amazing experience.  We received high quality data allowing us to meet our timelines and validate our assumptions”. – Client