OUR COVID-19 STUDY : OVER 6000 Samples

How many US adults are infected with

No denominator exist to accurately estimate the incidence of COVID-19 in the US. The epidemiology is difficult to assess due to insufficient testing and the questionable quality across tests (false negatives/positives). There are likely a great deal more COVID-19 cases than have been reported on account of under-testing and the reliability of tests. Therefore the full impact on those with and without COVID-19 is underestimated. 
  • — Potential risks of exposure i.e. travel
  • — Fears and concerns surrounding COVID-19
  • — Symptoms experienced by multiple populations


Preliminary Results

AHRI is a research group that collects monthly population level health data on adults in the US. They were able to quickly adapt their platform to collect data on COVID-19 and now have a representative sample of over 5,000 adults in the US. From research question to data collection in the field took less than a week and an initial review of the sample characteristics shows the data is representative of the US population.


Having a validated platform to collect representative data allows researchers to address questions of interest quickly and provides insights into the real world that are not captured in the subset of patients being captured and reported by the health system. Questions they are able to address include: testing rates, symptoms, impact on HRQoL, productivity, disparities in care and resource utilization as well as where there is and is not agreement with state level plans to re-open the economy.